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By Russell Brand

Picking out up the place he left off in My Booky Wook, celebrity and comic Russell model info his fast climb to status and fortune in an incredibly candid, resolutely humorous, and unbelievably electrifying tell-all: Booky Wook 2. Brand’s performances in Arthur, Get Him to the Greek, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall have earned him a spot in lovers’ hearts; now, with a drop of Chelsea Handler’s Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, a touch of Tommy Lee’s Dirt, and a spoonful of Nikki Sixx’s The Heroin Diaries, model is going the entire way—exposing the mad genius at the back of the audacious comedian we know (or imagine we all know) and love (or not less than, lust).

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But when I hosted the NME Awards, around half the people there didn’t understand who I used to be. Bob Geldof, for example, all started the evening not knowing who I was and concluded it deciding I was a cunt. I know this because he said so when he collected his award. Matt, in spite of spending much of his life skulking about like a menstrual Hell’s Angel, usually says issues that are apposite and profound. Once, when we discussed negativity towards others, he acknowledged that we ought think that we each one have an person connection with a God or greater strength via “a document Brown from Back to the Future-style steel helmet” (bear with me) that has an electric tendril that reaches up through the sky, puncturing the ozone layer, into the heavens, earlier the Milky Way, correct into the brain of God. Like them hairdrying plastic mushroom gadgets underneath which aged girls take a seat in hairdressers, yet instead of being attached to a plug socket, they are attached to God. When someone, a critic, a teacher or an enemy attacks you, it’s as if they are petulantly disgruntled and disenchanted with their personal connection to the universe and like snitchy little berks, reach over and yank your tendril. We are all connected to an objective higher mind and through that to each other, so why bother jerking around with different people’s connection? It’s a mindless interference. We all do it, but really what’s the point of sniping at our fellows? You may as well go into your garden and holler abuse at a nasturtium. In the end it’s between you and God. The NMEs have been my first high-profile activity and a major leap forward. dealt with effectively those dicy gigs can propel you into ever extra interesting but futile stratospheres of good fortune. My career has certainly been expedited by three notably tricky industry galas; first the NMEs, then the Brits the following year, and more recently the MTV Video Music Awards. All three events were just beyond my reach, so have been bloody tricky and combative. strong televised award shows need an element of chaos, you need to feel that at any point they could descend into a food fight or gratuitous nudity. Think of your favourite moments from ceremonies gone by – Liam Gallagher spitting, Madonna and Britney kissing, Jarvis Cocker getting his bum out at Michael Jackson, and possibly when Bob Geldof called Russell Brand a cunt. The NME Awards were held at the Hammersmith Palais, which was also the venue for those ridiculous “School Discos” in which grown girls cavort in schoolgirl uniforms and baffled paedophiles puzzle over limitations. “Is it all a gigantic attractive snigger or am I a demon? ” they must think. Do we people but safely comprehend the inspiration of the long run? It doesn’t seem that we do. I’ll agree to almost anything as long as it’s in the way-off yonder – secretly believing the allotted time will never actually arrive. “Russell, will you castrate this pig with your molars?

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